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2017/2018 Graduation Check Assemblies

1. Open Google Form and sign-in:


2. Open up the graduation check document:


Quarter 1 Graduation Checkpoint document


3. Log-in to Focus Account

Student Parking Information

Students, here are the forms you need to obtain your parking permit. Cars without a permit may be towed.


Students must have: 

(1) Valid Driver's License 

(2) Proof of Auto Insurance

(3) Vehicle Registration

(4) Drug Consent Form (signed and notarized)



$5.00 - Senior Students

$3.00 - Underclass Students

2017-18 Rights and Responsibilities Handbook

Students, you must acknowledge receipt of 2017-18 Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. Copy and paste the link below to access the Google Form in order to electronically sign for the handbook:



2017/2018 Homecoming Information

Students, cast your vote for King and Queen!!


Click on this link to access the Google Form.


Homecoming Spirit Week:

Monday, September 18 - Greasers vs. Surfers

Tuesday, September 19 - Groovin' Through the 60s and 70s

Wednesday, September 20 - Pumpin' Fists vs. Pumpin' Iron

Thursday, September 21 - N'SYNC with the 90s

Friday, September 22 - Smells Like TEAM Spirit

Saturday, September 23 - Homecoming Dance at Booker T. Washington High School Gymnasium

Students of the Month




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2017 Florida All-State Band

Congratulations to Jack Lloyd on auditioning and being selected for the State of Florida All-State band!

2017 Washington High School All-County Band Participants

  1. Madeline Markham      Flute
  2. Kimberly Vega            Flute
  3. Cheyanne Burge          Flute
  4. Faithe Ayers-Rhodes    Flute
  5. Vanessa Nguyen          Flute
  6. Trinity Maracle            Flute
  7. Jack Lloyd                   Clarinet
  8.  Maya Riley                 Clarinet
  9.  Denise Bell                 Clarinet
  10.  Madison Lowe           Clarinet
  11.  Kerri Williams           Clarinet
  12.  Devin Fontaine          Clarinet
  13.  Tristan Motes             Clarinet
  14.  Cameron Callahan      Clarinet
  15.  Jaune’ Blaxson           Clarinet
  16.  Kameron Horak         Alto Sax
  17.  Elizabeth White         Alto Sax
  18.  Noah Hall                   Alto Sax
  19.  Maryn O’Neal           Alto Sax
  20.  Joshua Mullikin         Tenor Sax
  21.  Alyric Salter               Tenor Sax
  22.  Kyle Joslin                  Trumpet
  23.  Ryan Jones                 Trumpet
  24.  Devon Luallen           Trumpet
  25.  Andrew Conner         Trumpet
  26.  Evan Lands                French Horn
  27.  Juliette Fontaine        French Horn
  28.  Claude Schaller         Trombone
  29.  David Brodhead        Trombone
  30.  Tahlia Linder             Trombone
  31.  Xavier Mitchell          Trombone
  32.  Jaiden Dunn              Trombone
  33.  Lauren Wheelis         Trombone
  34.  Matthew Kucinski     Trombone
  35.  Nicholas Crowley       Trombone
  36.  Myiesha Hartley        Euphonium
  37.  Daryn Kelley              Tuba
  38.  Kody Kimberl            Tuba
  39.  Ryan Gulusha             Tuba
  40.  Chase Rogers             Percussion
  41.  Noah Rivers               Percussion
  42.  Bryce Lyublanovits   Percussion

2017 All-County Chorus Participants


Brianna Methvin

Paris Guy

Alexis Bourgeois

Niley Dixon

Chasity Francis

Katherine Chappotin


Makenzie Austin

Allyson Maybin

Allyssa Westberry

Elise Paul

Samantha Thompson

Hannah Collins

Nahriyah Alejandro

Sarah Schroeder

Tianna Lewis


Jessie Spitsbergen

Joveay Williams

Kyman Richardson


Joshua Horne

Joshua Fortune

David Travis

Moen Canete

Nathaniel Holzknecht

Daniel Holzknecht

Caleb Simmons

Israel Martinez

Demarius Snyder